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Front tandwiel

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Hi forum.

I think I may have a problem :(

The horisontal tube, just after the rear wheel, is welded alittle close to the wheel, and I have mounted the engine onto the frame, so the chain will run right underneath it! There's not much space between the tube and the chain, but the tandwiel that is on the engine, is a 10 tands! And the rear tandwiel is a 22 tands, so I'll probably have to put on a bigger tandwiel on the engine, and then it will hit the horisontal tube :cry: But I can grind off some metal on the tube, but I think I would have to grind too much off, before It won't hit ? Will a 10 tands tandwiel be too little? And do I then have to put on a bigger tandwiel? Any sugestions? Im just afraid that 10 tands is too little, and it will go with too much rpm. :cry:
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I think the 10 teeth frontsprocket will be too small. I did use a 13 teeth version with the 4 inch Blata tyres and a 22 teeth on the rear. For indoor use maybe it is better to use a 12 teeth sprocket. Too verify the speed, there is a nice calculator on the site where you can see the diferences between the different setup's.

My advice is to start with a bigger sprocket, because it is easier to shorten your chain instead of making it longer.
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Hi John..

So if I change the 10 teeth sprocket to a 13 teeth sprocket, it's ok ?
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